I am open to taking illustration and graphic design commissions. Graphic design commissions such as logos, banners, and custom Spoonflower patterns are usually done on a case-by-case basis. Below is what I offer for illustrations. I specialize in character portraits and poster-style illustrations; I'm not that great at animals, vehicles, and landscapes, but I'm willing to try my best. While I am willing to push the boundaries of NSFW, I am NOT willing to draw anything that is actually explicit, so please don't ask me to draw it.

I take payment through PayPal only and ask for half upfront, half on delivery of the final product through invoices.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me so we can further discuss your project!


Digital Inked Line Art - $20

Does what it says on the tin. I’ll sketch out your drawing, then digitally ink it. And, if you so choose, I’ll put in one solid flat color as well. Limit of 3 characters, each additional character is $5. Background is an additional $5.


Digital Inked Line Art with Flat Colors - $25

Same as above, but I’ll throw in some flat colors and maybe a few simple gradients. Again, limit of 3 characters with each additional character being $5 and backgrounds being another $10.


Digital Inked Line Art with Rendered Colors - $35

Same as the above except this time I’ll render the flat colors. This is what I’m best at. Limit of 2 characters with each additional character being $10. Backgrounds will be another $10.


Digital Painting - $50

Also does what it says on the tin–we’re aiming for photorealism here. Please be aware that I am heavily reliant on reference images for this level of detail, and that it will take me a long time to do. Limit of 2 characters here, with each additional character an extra $15.


Digital Painting with a background - $75

I am so new to trying to incorporate actual backgrounds into my art that for now I’m charging extra for them. Still aiming for photorealism (or you can ask for a more painterly look if you like). Digital painting character limit rule applies.